If you have been to one of Lyn’s gigs, or seen her in a show or on a cruise-ship and you enjoyed what she did….or you just bumped into her in the supermarket and she let you go in front of her in the queue……please leave a comment here! Thank you!

Name: Roy Carcary
Comment: Home again after enjoying your playing and singing on the Balmoral. You may remember searching for the writer of “Love’s been good to me” . It was in fact written by Rod Mckuen. Thanks for the memories, regards Roy.

Name: Kim Tang
Comment: Lyn is a classy lady and a wonderful performer, a truly great pianist and powerful vocalist with a huge repertoire and lights up the whole room with her warm charisma!                She really connects with the audience and has great stories to tell.                                        Looking forward to hearing her grace the piano keys again and keep real live music alive!

Name: Christine Izzard
Comment: I have seen perform in piano bars on a few occasions. So entertaining, not just as a pianist and a singer but as a storyteller also. I was also lucky enough to see the two musicals she has written Swansea Girls and Swansea Women. Both shows were so beautifully written and performed. Loved them.

Name: Beverly Di Iulio UK
Comment: I have known Lyn for a long time. She is a very talented musician and has a great personality. Enjoyed some of her shows x

Name: Maureen Thomas UK
Comment: Listened to Lyn on ‘ lives ‘ in lock down. So welcoming ! Wonderful pianist and great personality! Loved to hear the many stories she has of her adventures while working! Just hope she will do more locally soon x

Name: Victoria Hartson De-Vulgt UK 06.04.22 @17:25
Comment: I’ve seen Lyn perform many times. She’s amazing! She knows exactly what works and how to please an audience.
She is unbelievably talented and I 100% recommend her for any setting or venue!
You will NOT be disappointed!

Name: Catherine Porter UK
Comment: Where do it start…… 1995 I think Dillwyn Llewelyn Comprehensive School where a new music teacher arrived whoosh like a breath of fresh air Miss McKay from that day on anything was possible. After leaving Dillwyn in 1998 we went our separate ways until one day, Facebook brought us back together and from then on I was like her shadow. Lyn is one of the most gentlest and caring souls and nothing is too much for her and if she can help you out she will. Lyn is a fantastic entertainer and is always up for a sing song even from the vicinity of her front room when lockdown happened. If you ever feel down and you happen to hear this fabulous lady sing, she warms the cockles of your heart. I look forward to seeing you on your next adventure xxx

Name: Ruth Guy UK
Comment: I have been to a few of Lyns gigs and have never left disappointed. A very talented lady who just draws you in, always something for everyone.

Name: Lesley Macgregor UK
Comment: Great performer and musician. Lovely friendly lady great charisma and very versatile. Enjoyed her show very much

Name: Janette Evans UK
Comment: Lyn is the ultimate professional….on the cruise I was on Lyn had a standing ovation every night . I have also seen her musicals , which incidentally also sold out .
If you get the chance to see lyn go because you will be entertained.

Name: Issy UK
Comment: Did an LA to Rio cruise (35 nights) on which Lyn was the singer/pianist and every single night after we discovered her, a magnet drew us to her Piano Bar where we ended the day listening to her fab piano playing and singing. If we were lucky we got a seat but mostly it was standing room only. She has the most amazing repertoire of music and songs one can imagine and we never once heard her refuse a request because she didn’t know it.

Name: Cathy Mcshane NI
Comment: Seen lyn for the 1st time on navigator of the seas round the baltics. She is amazing, filled the schooner bar every night she played, even sometimes after hours. The Bobby davro night was a real highlight. He was on board, lyn was on her night off but she came and played to the wee small hours with Bobby, totally ad lib, and it was the best night. She is so professional, funny, amazing pianist and singer and overall a lovely person. Can’t wait to hear her on board other ships. Where she goes, we will go!!

Name: Ellie Harrison UK
Comment: This lady is amazing! Perfect for a piano bar as ive never known her not to be able to play a tune that was requested. Very very entertaining. Hope to see her performing again on my next cruise.

Name: Nicola UK
Comment: I saw Lyn in the Brangwyn hall Swansea, she is outstanding at what she does, not only her piano and vocal abilities but her stage presence and her communication between herself and the audience is captivating. A true star x

Name: Jane Campbell UK                          Comment: Had the pleasure of seeing Lyn sing on the Jewel of the seas sailing for Fort Lauderdale to Harwich in the piano bar OMG every time she sang got goose bumps what amazing singer and lady had us all up on our feet either cheering or participating.
Hope to have the pleasure of seeing her perform again .

Name: Julie Vallario UK
Comment: Saw Lyn perform at the Brangwyn Hall she is amazing x

Andrew Quirk August 4th 5:50pm
Comment: Everything Lyn does is basically magical!

Karen Hengst July 16 5:57pm
Comment: I was on Ruby Princess sailing into Alaska. Heard Lyn from a lower floor and followed her enchanting voice up to the Crooner’s Lounge. Lynn sings with such passion and intensity. Each song comes alive and tells its own story. A true showwoman! Her talent and command shines through. She made each evening an evening to look forward to. Her piano playing is like a rich decadent cake and her singing is the sweet icing atop. Legendary!

Tom Hatfield                                               Comment: So absolutely loved the nightly shows on the Diamond Princess late last year as we travelled back from Japan to Sydney. Was sad to have to get off, and that Lyn only had one day to explore Sydney, not enough time for her to get a sense of the wonder that this city has to offer. Hoping to get her back here some day so that we can all reconnect.

Trish Collins January 19th 22:43 UK                                                                                               Comment: The highlight of our evenings on navigator of the seas. Wonderful pianist and singer and great fun too xx

Diane January 19th 20:44 UK                                                                                                             Comment: Bumped into friends, Alison and Peter Small, from Merthyr last week. They were on Navigator of the Seas in the Med last year and frequented your piano bar every evening. They spoke to you…..She has short blonde hair and smiles all the time. She was so pleased when I told her I know you. She says you are the BEST. I couldn;t shut her up from praising your versatility. You made their cruise so special with your entertainment. Proud of you Lyn x

Patricia McKenna January 19th 19:51 USA                                                                                    Comment: I was on the Navigator of the Seas. I did not miss one of Lyn’s performances. She was fabulous a great entertainer

Tom Hatfield January 8th 08:48 AUS                                                                                               Comment: Loved every night you performed, and took requests, the same ones every night – it was hard to find a song you didn’t know or wouldn’t give a go, unless you had good reason not to sing it, and you told us in no uncertain terms why you wouldn’t sing it. You gave us so much laughter, a few tears and memories for a lifetime. How to catch up with you again on a ship or at a performance of one of your musicals onstage..

Patricia Chehab January 7th 19:58 USA                                                                                    Comment: Dear Lyn, I was on RC cruise Miami-London Ap-May 2017. I want to thank you for sharing your talents and making it such a special trip. Three day into the cruise I became short of breath. When I arrived in Miami my dr put me in the hospital. I had 3 blocked arteries in my heart. I was in the hospital for 11 days. You gave no idea what your music did for me. I am forever grateful to you and your music.  Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success

Anne Birch January 3rd 07:53 UK                                                                                    Comment: Seen you perform on many occasions from An evening with yourself and Kevin John to an appearance in your own musical Swansea Girls! Always amazed by your musical knowledge, memory of popular music just requested by your audience and have thoroughly enjoyed and applaud both of the musicals you have written. Proud that you are Swansea born and bred and to call you friend.
Ken & Frances January 3rd, 2018 01:45 USA                                                                         Comment: Saw you on Navigator for TA in April. Fantastic.
Kimala Humphreys  January 3rd, 2018 01:03 USA                                                                      
Comment:  Loved the piano play and singing on RCCL Navigator of the Seas August 2017

Carol Tanner  September 30th, 2017 15:29 UK                                                                             Comment:  Hello Lyn…..just back home after a holiday on “Navigator of the Seas”…..thoroughly enjoyed all your sessions on the ship, especially the Metropolis afternoon concert and the evening in the Star Lounge !
Musical memories from a lovely time when my husband and I were celebrating ” significant” birthdays this year and me having had a pacemaker fitted in June ( all OK now thank goodness ! ). We did chat briefly as you were doing the notes for the afternoon conference….I was the person with the daughter-in-law who is the Head of Music department in a comprehensive school and later requested the “Freda and Barry” song by Victoria Wood….I’m such a fan of her work and your rendition captured that song so accurately ….haven’t heard anyone else sing it other than Victoria.
You mentioned your Blog when you were in the Schooner Bar….have dipped into it and just want to say how much I admire what you are doing to keep going against the background of such a tragic loss.
I hope that your music provides you with some inner peace…as it gives such enjoyment to those of us who enjoy listening to your performances….stay strong!

Alan & Tara Neville September 1st, 2017 18:59 UK                                                              Comment:  It’s now a long time since first seeing Lyn perform on Ventura in 2011 and again gig at my 50th Birthday party in 2012. We have become the best of friends and to be honest she’s like family to me now. I have seen the magic piano musician that Lyn is on a number of occasions now but until last week on Navigator of the Seas I have never seen her in the Piano Bar environment that is the Schooner Bar. Despite a difficult and trying audience on the first couple of nights by the end of the cruise Lyn had the place rocking! ” The ship that rocks” is no under estimation. The music is outstanding and the performance pure class. Long may she reign!

Pat McKenna September 1st, 2017 12:32 USA                                                        Comment:  Lyn is an awesome entertainer. When I was on one of her ships we did not miss one night of her show. She was the highlight of our cruise

Pam Lewis August 31, 2017 20:06 UK                                                                    Comment:  Enjoyed every evening we attended your performance on Navigator of the Sea

Trish August 30, 2017 22:22 UK                                                                                     Comment:  The highlight of our cruise. Never thought I’d spend my evenings in a piano bar. Great nights, great company, great mix of songs and some seriously good piano playing. The icing on the cake is Lyn’s personality and ability to entertain for the whole evening, every evening.

Holly Dowling August 30, 2017 17:35 UK                                                            Comment:  Lyn played a major part in making my cruise as special and lovely as it could be, my Gran, Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to Lyn, we are all very grateful to have met her and to have had the pleasure and enjoyment she created. I can’t thank her enough for each and every night, it was a wonderful experience. Lyn is a truly lovely person and around ship she always stopped for a chat and was always friendly and welcoming, my cruise wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Florence Geise August 30, 2017 15:35 USA                                                                        Comment:  I was on the RC Rhapsody last Jan., and Lyn was playing in the Schooner Bar. I have been on a lot of cruises, and have seen a lot of good entertainment in my day, but I could not get enough of Lyn. We went every night, and were completely mesmerized by her incredible talent. As far as I am concerned, she was the best lounge entertainment
that I have seen in 30 yrs. of cruising. There is plenty of good talent around, but Lyn is a cut above all of them. She not only has great technical abilities, and an extensive repertoire, but she puts heart and soul into her every performance. Am trying to find a cruise with her in the near future, but she seems to have drifted to Europe. Lyn is the best of the best!!!!!

Claire Thomas August 30, 2017 13:28 UK                                                        Comment:  Amazing person and we couldn’t ask for better entertainment. It was a pleasure to spend time with you on the navigator of the seas. So talented we loved every minute of it xx

Gina Jensen August 30, 2017 12:45 USA                                                                      Comment:  Lyn is a spectacular entertainer!! Her beautiful voice and piano playing were the highlight of my cruise!! I listened to her each and every night!! She is also one of the kindest people you would want to meet!! I’m so glad our paths crossed and I look forward to hearing more of her beautiful music!!!

Sue Clowes August 30, 2017 12:29 UK                                                                        Comment:  I was on the Navigator of the Seas from 5th August to 19th. We ‘caught’ Lyn’s show in the Schooner Bar on the first night and loved her easy manner with her audience and her excellent piano and singing. It was always a place to go to at the end of our evening. It was a shame that her performance was put back to well after 10 on our last night as we had an early start the next day in Southampton. Lyn is a star and very approachable. Would have loved to have shared a dinner table with her. Ps. My 11 year old grandson thought she was great too!

Fran August 30, 2017 12:24 USA                                                                                    Comment:   Lyn was the best part of our cruise this past January. A FABULOUS entertainer – more talent than all the entertainers on that cruise put together.
Would book a cruise based on her presence on the ship . Can’t wait to see you again.
P.S. Where will you be January, 2018?

Debbie Benjafield August 30, 2017 12:03 UK                                                              Comment:   I cruised on navigator of the sea Aug 17. I spent every night in the piano bar only because of Lyn, she is a talented lady she can definitely play the piano amazing. But not just that she is a great singer and great fun. You can request any song and 9 times out of 10 she will play it most the time without using music just from memory. If you get chance to see Lyn I highly recommend it she is amazing.

Sue Reader August 30, 2017 11:59 UK                                                                          Comment:  We thoroughly enjoyed Lyn’s set on the Zumba cruise – it was a lovely change from all the madness!. A nice place to escape to each night with brilliant entertainment and an amazing voice and pianist. We hope to catch you sometime soon again Lyn. Xxx

Jennifer Brand August 30, 2017 11:53 UK                                                Comment: Absolutely fantastic!!
A successful blend of new, old, musicals, you name it.
Had us all singing along, and even doing the actions. (Pappa has a head like a ping-pong ball is still lodged firmly in my head!)
A lovely person with an incredutalent.

Julie Huttley August 23, 2017 20:38 UK                                                                 Comment: Enjoy Lyn every evening on our cruise from Southampton  to Spain thank you for the lovely evenings and sharing your love of music. Your tales of your life were wonderful . Bet you would make a great dinner guest!

Lorenza Cruz July 16, 2017 20:12 USA                                                                         Comment: Such sweet memories I cherish watching and hearing the sweet voice of Lyn Mackay as she plays the piano. That was two years ago when we had a cruise to South America. Every night I would see her perform without fail. I had developed an instant friendship with her as I simply adore her. With my two nieces I had the chance to visit with her in Swansea. She is such a fantastic lady to even show us around her beloved place. I will always remember her kindness and hospitality

Jean Pittendrigh July 15, 2017 13:20 UK                                                                  Comment: Be warned you are going to be stalked AGAIN in September. We are booked on the Navigator of the seas on the 15th of September for my 80th Birthday. Love &kisses xxxx

Cathy McShane July 13, 2017 13:56 UK                                                                Comment: Met Lyn on navigator of the seas June 17, what an amazing lady! Her piano playing is out of this world, she has a fabulous voice and her comedy timing and craic is the best ever. We really enjoyed listening to her every night she was playing and so did everyone else as the bar was full each time.                                                                                                                                             Enjoyed the banter and chatting to her around the ship too (never mind saving my child’s life with the loan of her sea bands) lol.                                                                           We will see her again, sometime, somewhere lol.                                                              Thanks for the craic Lyn, seriously enjoyed your company, u are an amazing lady 🙂

Patricia McKenna July 12, 2017 21:42 USA                                                               Comment: I was on the Navigator of the Seas and Lynn was our entertainment in the schooner lounge. When Lyn performed it was standing room only. She was awesome-a brilliant performer. We did not miss one of her shows. We were on the ship for 2 weeks and she really made it a great time.

Joy Dewhirst July 12, 2017 17:18 USA                                                                   Comment: What a wonderful surprise to find out the lovely, charming woman sitting next to me each night at dinner turned out to be the fabulous entertainer later on at both the Schooner Bar & larger venues giving fabulous concerts. After the cruise this wonderful woman took the time to share her beautiful hometown of Swansea with us. Thank you Lyn, we love you!

Jane Judd July 12, 2017 17:12 UK                                                                                     Comment: We had the pleasure of enjoying the talents of Lyn on Baltic cruise on Navigator of the Seas in June. We felt privileged to have had the opportunity to listen to such a talented all round musician as well as her stories from her career. Enjoyed every night listening to classical to modern music as well as her own personal renditions!! If an opportunity arises to see Lyn perform again we would be at the front of the queue.

Judith Chuter July 12, 2017 15:57 UK                                                                             Comment: Awesome all round musician -amazing array of knowledge from classical to present day excellent crowd participation techniques and genuinely talented lady enjoyed every night on Navigator of the seas North Baltic cruise and I’m an morning person not a night owl she was so good thanks for unforgettable memories

Pam Lewis July 12, 2017 15:15 USA                                                                                 Comment: So enjoyed Lyn on the Navigator of the Seas. Loved her interactions with those listening and her creativity with some of the lyrics of the songs. Thank you once again for playing the anniversary waltz for us. You made the cruise very enjoyable and we enjoyed the afternoon concert you did. It really showcased your classical music talent. If Lyn is ever on another RCL cruise that we do we will for sure be part of the audience every night she is on.

Pat McKenna May 16, 2017 21:00 UK                                                                                 Comment: I was on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas reposition cuise from Miami USA to Southampton England from April 28 thru May 12. Lyn was part of the entertainment she was awesome wonderful singing, playing the piano and her great sense of humour. We did not miss one night of her performance. She made our cruise so much more enjoyable. A beautiful and gracious lady. We love you Lyn

Grace Parry May 15, 2017 22:14 UK                                                                                   Comment: Lyn is my singing teacher and has taught me so much in the last few months. Since having lessons with Lyn my voice has got stronger and I can sing a whole octave higher! ( already ) Lyn has performed in various venues around the world including Ronnie Scott’s and the Playboy club. She is a very talented singer and pianist and can write fabulous music ! Lyn is one of the loveliest people I have got to know. Her energy is infectious and I’m so happy the way our friendship has transpired. I would recommend Lyn as a professional singer and most definitely as a singing teacher 🙂

Gill Munro May 15, 2017 08:29 UK                                                                                             Comment: Lyn is one of the most talented musicians/peformers I know. Saw her the first time on a cruise and turns out that we live in the same city, how lucky am I??! We have also seen her performance in her home city a few times. She is such a professional and the way she interacts with her audience is second to none. We will never miss an opportunity to watch Lyn play if we can help it, she does everything so well, from classical right through to ragtime and popular music. This talented lady can turn her hand to almost anything, keep doing what you’re doing beautiful lady, because you do it so well and with such professionalism! Hope to see you soon xx

Maggie Adams May 14, 2017 21:45 UK                                                                             Comment: Lyn Mackay was the best entertainer on the whole ship the Navigator Of The Seas. We looked forward to seeing and hearing her every evening. So much that whenever she had her night off we were at a lose. Her sing along with the audience was so enjoyable and funny she is not just a wonderful pianist vocalist she is also a great comedian who can hold the crowd. She gives so much and really visually appears to be enjoying herself as much as the audience her performance is always fresh and new just fabulous in my opinion and as my hubby would say I am not an easily pleased lady so well done from him, as his motto is if I’m happy he is a happy hubby thank you Lyn from a couple in Scotland!!!

Carol Taylor May 14, 2017 11:19 UK                                                                                              Comment: Just heard Lyn for the first time on Navigator of the Seas she gives a fantastic experience and lots of laughs too 🙂 The classical concert was also great. Thank you Lyn a true professional.

Tracy Caruso May 14, 2017 11:19 USA                                                                                             Comment: Lyn is an amazing performer. We had so much fun watching her. We enjoyed listening to her so much that we watched her every night she was on. She’s incredibly talented and she’s such a delight. Seeing her is a treat.

Debbie Struble May 14, 2017 10:44 USA                                                                                    Comment: We had the honor of being on the Navigator of the Seas Transatlantic cruise with Lyn. Lyn knows how to make the piano sing and her fingers dance on the keys. It was amazing to hear her sing and laugh with her comedy in addition to the amazing music. Lyn has a true gift. People were hurrying to get a seat and hear her play and sing over 30 minutes before her show would start. Every night people were standing around in addition to the full lounge. We can’t wait to be on another cruise to hear her play and sing. She is truly gifted and loved! Thank you Lyn for sharing your gift with the world.

Hugh & Nancy Parker May 14, 2017 10:42 UK                                                                        Comment: Outstanding performance on the piano and a great singer can play and sing a variety of songs and music from jazz, modern, classical

Diane Royle Feb 15, 2017 11:42 UK                                                                                                   Comment: I feel privileged to have met Lyn in 1990 during a 4 year degree course in Literature and Media. Lyn’s enthusiasm helped all the students in our group especially when we were asked to present shows and musical activities. She helped us gain high marks in so many areas. Lyn has excellent communication skills and a radiance that captures the hearts of her audience. What a talented lady.

John & Kathy Feb 14, 2017 23:48 USA                                                                                               Comment: On our first cruise on Royal Caribbean we had the good fortune to spend our evenings enjoying Lyn.
Not only her piano abilities, her singing and interaction with the crowd made for a truly enjoyable experience – hope we get a chance to see you again on this side of the pond!😊

Katie Callahan Feb 13 2017 15:                                                                                                         Comment: Saw her during our western Caribbean cruise and she was phenomenal!! Who needs a beach to relax when you have beautiful Lyn serenading you with her amazing voice! She was the highlight of our trip!

June Bryant Feb 13 2017 15:08                                                                                                           Comment: I had the great pleasure of seeing Lyn perform on a cruise ship recently, also got to sing as part of a fabluss choir

Kathy Penny Feb 13 2017 14:03                                                                                                          Comment: We had the joy and privilege of meeting Lyn on the Queen Victoria on the cruise just before Christmas. Not only were we blown away by her talent and personality at her various shows, especially the one on Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, but we were also lucky enough to be part of her choir! Here she made singing such fun it was truly an honour to be part of her choir. I have tried to persuade her to join us on our two next cruises on Princess, to Panama in April and the Baltic in July!!!! Come on Princess, you don’t know what you are missing! Since Christmas I have followed Lyn’s progress on Royal Caribbean and am absolutely thrilled at her wonderful successes on board ship ! Well done, Lyn, so well deserved!

Roger Murney Feb 13 2017 13:58  USA                                                                                           Comment: I met Lyn on her very first gig at sea
Trans Atlantic reposition Fort Lauderdale to Harwich UK
12 days at sea
Lyn is a terrific entertainer and was great to see her a couple of times recently when she was onshore in Tampa where she met my partner Jo
Good luck Lyn you deserve all that comes your way

Elaine Foley Feb 13 2017 1353  UK                                                                                             Comment: Thoroughly enjoyed Lyn’s performances each night on the Regal Princess last year. Such a talented lady an so deserving af all the success that comes her way. Hope to see her again sometime.

Rita Lewis Feb 13th 2017 1154 UK                                                                                              Comment: Lyn Mackay is so talented, I am in awe of her. Truly brilliant entertainer.

David Hudgens Feb 13th 2017 1134 USA                                                                                Comment: My wife and I found Lyn on the internet while searching for Welsh performers. We watched some of her stage work on DVD and on YouTube and are always amazed and entertained by her talent. Someday we would love to see her live on stage for sure.

Hazel Dudley Feb 13th 2017 at 1055 UK                                                                                     Comment: Met Lyn on Cunard Queen Victoria when she was on between 15 Nov and 22 Dec 2016 She was what was laughingly called the “pub entertainer” – far more than that. The one evening I spent listening to her in there people actually did listen and partake – it was like being in a family. Lyn was also the pianist in the choirs I joined and organised how we sang – it was fantastic! She made it fun and I loved how she played – made it sound really professional. Also attended a gig where Lyn played different kinds of music – she makes the piano speak. Great personality too.

Mair Ellery Feb 13 2017 at 1054 UK                                                                                              Comment: I met Lyn many years ago. She was Head of Department of music in a school I was a Governor in. She inspired every child. She was committed enthusiastic and an extraordinary teacher.
We formed a bond any many years later I’m proud to call her a friend.
Lyn is an amazing pianist she ‘makes the piano talk’ she is a Fabulous singer. Personally I think she should have her own piano bar in Vegus so the rest of the world would get a chance to hear her,
Lyn is full of stories about her time away from home working as a professional singer/pianist.
In Swansea our home town there are no piano bars anymore. Such a shame as so much talent is wasted.
Recently Lyn has been working on the cruise ships and her social media and blogs are full of compliments about her performances.
Verifying all I have said. Lyn is a first class entertainer and I hope you all get the chance to experience one of her shows. First class!

Florence Geise Feb 11, 2017 at 01:35 am USA
Comment:I discovered Lyn, playing in the Schooner Bar on Royal Caribbean’s “Rhapsody of the Seas”. She was complying to the Audience’s requests for show tunes. Being a former Musical Theatre teacher, and Musical Theatre “junky”, I was mesmerized by her talent and showmanship. My friends and I spent every single evening of the Cruise listening in awe to Lyn, as she ripped through many of our favorites – “Phantom of the Opera”, “Les Miserables”, “Oliver”, “The Sound of Music”, and many, many more. This woman belongs headlining in New York or Las Vegas. I have rarely heard such dexterity and passion in one performer. She moved us to tears in several of her selections, and no, we couldn’t stump her with our requests.

Lesley Ann Scott May 6, 2016 at 10:08 am UK
Comment:I first met Lyn on Adventure of the Sea. I heard her before I got to the Schooner Bar and thought wow who is that, she has the most amazing voice and can sing virtually anything as well as playing the piano. Lyn had the audience captivated night after night playing to packed houses with standing room only. Her warm personality and humour draws you in; it’s more like an evening with Lyn Lawrence than someone tinkling the ivories and singing along in the piano bar. Bonus for me was Lyn always ended her evening with the beautiful Welsh song Ar Hyd y Nos that my mam used to sing to me. An all-round true professional, talented pianist, singer, songwriter and all round entertainer. Thank you Lyn for making my cruise even more memorable.

Anne Birch May 5, 2016 at 9:36 pm UK
Comment: Have seen you in concert at the Grand Theatre in concert with Kevin John together with both sons! Also saw you in the show you wrote (script and music score) Swansea Girls!!! Enjoyed your follow up show Swansea Women first at the Grand Theatre and also performed by CAOS at the Taliesin Theatre. Quite a talented lady xxx

Sharon and Sue May 5, 2016 at 7:08 pm UK
Comment: We met Lyn on Adventure of the Seas; Iceland and Norway cruise in June 2014. Every night we sat and listened to her lovely voice, she is a very talented lady. There was always a full house watching and listening to Lyn. We always made sure we got there early to get a seat. Thank you Lyn for making our cruise very enjoyable. Sharon and Sue from Southampton xxx

Rosina May 5, 2016 at 6:59 pm UK
Comment: I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lyn perform many times, at small private events and at various local venues. I have never known anybody who can seemingly play any request without blinking an eye. While playing at a bar/restaurant a year or so ago (a place where people normally sit, listen and occasionally tap a foot) she had everyone up singing and dancing, a truly fantastic atmosphere! Her repertoire is truly extensive. Her talent is exceptional. Her personality is infectious. If you get the chance I urge you to watch one of her fantastic sets

Carol Ripley May 5, 2016 at 2:12 pm UK
Comment: Lyn sang a lovely song at my husbands funeral. She helped to make the day a special celebration of his life. She is a very talented lady.

Lorenza Cruz May 3, 2016 at 7:22 pm USA
Comment: Lyn is the kind of entertainer I enjoy listening to. Her singing and piano playing are superb.

Ann Davies May 3, 2016 at 5:17 pm UK
Comment: I first met Lyn on board the Golden Princess in Jan of last year. She was playing and singing in the piano bar and to say that she was excellent is an understatement. Her repertoire was extensive and the quality of her performance was second to none. She was able to build a strong rapport with her audience with her interesting anecdotes and wittisisms. She ” made” the cruise for us.
Since then , I have had the great pleasure to be in the audience of a performance of ” Swansea Women” a musical which Lyn wrote and which should be show cased in London.

Patricia Morgan May 3, 2016 at 4:48 pm UK
Comment: I first met Lyn when she was musical director for The Full Monty cast in The Grand Theatre, Swansea. It was great to see her at work. She is an inspiration. So talented. She can sing and play virtually anything asked of her. I have had the pleasure of watching her perform gigs…..I am in awe!We thoroughly enjoyed Lyn’s set on the Zumba cruise – it was a lovely change from all the madness!. A nice place to escape to each night with brilliant entertainment and an amazing voice and pianist. We hope to catch you sometime soon again Lyn. XxxI cruised on navigator of the sea Aug 17. I spent every night in the piano bar only because of Lyn, she is a talented lady she can definitely play the piano amazing. But not just that she is a great singer and great fun. You can request any song and 9 times out of 10 she will play it most the time without using music just from memory. If you get chance to see Lyn I highly recommend it she is amazing.


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